Juli 1, 2020

Cartographie des fissures sur une poutre en bois lamellé-collé

Cartographie des fissures sur une nouvelle poutre en bois lamellé-collé (les notes inscrites à la craie sont à peine lisibles).
Mai 18, 2020

Southbank by Beulah, Melbourne

J'ai eu une réunion avec MAD. J'aime l'étude de la Southbank de Melbourne.
Mai 5, 2020

Nouvelle enveloppe pour le radôme à Raisting

FTR obtient le contrat pour la conception structurelle de la reconstruction du radôme à Raisting.


April 15, 2020

New ETFE Façades

Cuauhtémoc Stadium, a first division football stadium in Puebla, México, with more than 51 000 seats, has recently been com- pletely renovated. The brand-new façade has become an icon for the club and for the city.
April 15, 2020

Transparent blooms: The new roof above the courtgard of the IHK at Würzburg

To use single layer ETFE-foils, prestressed by mechanical tensioning and supported by ropes are not very common – up to now very few constructions of this type are known.
April 6, 2020

Stadium in blue – Construction of “Grand Stade du Havre”

32 500 m2 of single-layer, dyed ETFE-membrane, four specially developed shades of blue, a stadium forming a uniform and integrated whole:


April 10, 2020

Max-Planck Institut